Home » Culture » Exhibit of illuminations by Iranian, Russian artists opens in Moscow

Exhibit of illuminations by Iranian, Russian artists opens in Moscow

An exhibition featuring miniatures, illuminations and calligraphies by Iranian and Russian…Read more:(http://english.irib.ir/radioculture/art/item/169987-exhibit-of-illuminations-by-iranian,-russian-artists-opens-in-moscow)

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RSS Iran English Radio

  • US informs Syria of strikes on ISIL
    Syria says the US had informed Damascus before carrying out airstrikes against the Takfiri ISIL terrorists’ positions inside the Arab country. http://english.irib.ir/news/world/west-asia/item/196447-us-informs-syria-of-strikes-on-isilFiled under: Islam
  • Italians live in fear of poverty: Study
    A new study in Italy has shown that the number of people living in fear of poverty is on the rise. http://english.irib.ir/news/world/europe/item/196433-italians-live-in-fear-of-poverty-studyFiled under: Islam
  • More Scots sign up for Yes campaign
    Some 11,000 new membership requests have been submitted to the pro-independence Scottish National Party (SNP) in the 75 hours following the referendum, which kept Scotland under the authority of the United Kingdom. http://english.irib.ir/news/world/europe/item/196436-more-scots-sign-up-for-yes-campaignFiled under: Media, News
  • Japan ready to cooperate with Iran on environment protection projects
    Japan Ambassador to Tehran, Koji Haneda, said on Sunday that his country is ready for any kind of partnership and cooperation with Iran in different environment protection projects. http://english.irib.ir/news/iran1/item/196398-japan-ready-to-cooperate-with-iran-on-environment-protection-projectsFiled under: Islam
  • Reza Mirkarimi ‘Today’ to represent Iran at Academy Awards 2015
    Iran has introduced Reza Mirkarimi’s Today as its contender at Foreign Language Film Award category of the 87th Academy Award. http://english.irib.ir/radioculture/art/cinema/item/196402-reza-mirkarimi-%E2%80%98today%E2%80%99-to-represent-iran-at-academy-awards-2015Filed under: Islam
  • Scottish No voters tricked: Salmond
    Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond has accused the No campaign of tricking voters ahead of last week’s independence referendum. http://english.irib.ir/news/world/europe/item/196323-scottish-no-voters-tricked-salmondFiled under: Media, News
  • UK urged to avoid Syria military action
    A former MI6 intelligence director has called on the British government to stay clear of direct military action in Syria. http://english.irib.ir/news/world/europe/item/196324-uk-urged-to-avoid-syria-military-actionFiled under: Media, News
  • Conditions ‘hampering probe’ on MH17
    The United Nations (UN) says adverse conditions in eastern Ukraine are hampering efforts for determining the fate a Malaysian passenger jet that previously crashed in the area. http://english.irib.ir/news/world/europe/item/196343-conditions-%E2%80%98hampering-probe%E2%80%99-on-mh17Filed under: Media, News
  • Iranian wins structural engineering fellowship
    Mehdi Arezoumandi won one of the 2014 O.H. Ammann Research Fellowship awards. http://english.irib.ir/news/iran1/item/196280-iranian-wins-structural-engineering-fellowshipFiled under: Iran, Media, News
  • Farabi mulling Oscars choice
    Farabi Cinema Foundation has chosen ten movies as an early step to select the Iranian choice for the 87th Academy Awards. http://english.irib.ir/radioculture/iran/item/196274-farabi-mulling-oscars-choiceFiled under: Islam

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