Home » Culture » Exhibit of illuminations by Iranian, Russian artists opens in Moscow

Exhibit of illuminations by Iranian, Russian artists opens in Moscow

An exhibition featuring miniatures, illuminations and calligraphies by Iranian and Russian…Read more:(http://english.irib.ir/radioculture/art/item/169987-exhibit-of-illuminations-by-iranian,-russian-artists-opens-in-moscow)

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  • An airplane graveyard becomes kids’ playground
    In Congo, where nearly two decades of war has claimed millions of lives, a civilian airport in the eastern city of Goma that has housed Congolese military arms also serves as a final resting place for abandoned aircraft, has turned to the kids’ playground…For more Pictures click on the following link: http://english.irib.ir/galleries/photogalleries/item/1941 […]
  • Hollywood protesters slam “biased” media coverage about Israel assault on Gaza
    Protesters set out on a march to the CNN headquarters in Hollywood to demonstrate against bias in the mainstream media against the Palestinians. http://english.irib.ir/galleries/photogalleries/item/194206-hollywood-protesters-slam-%E2%80%9Cbiased%E2%80%9D-media-coverage-about-israel-assault-on-gazaFiled under: Media, News, Palestine
  • Yazd’s beautiful wind-catcher internals
    Yazd is a desert city in the center of Iran. The city’s traditional architecture is windcatchers. A windcatcher is a traditional Persian architectural element to create natural ventilation in buildings. It comes in uni-directional, bi-directional, and multi-directional… For More pictures click on following link: http://english.irib.ir/radioculture/galleries/ […]
  • Vahdat Hall to host Gilan folk music
    Tehran’s Vahdat Hall will host a concert on the folklore music of Iran’s northern province of Gilan. http://english.irib.ir/radioculture/art/music/item/194162-vahdat-hall-to-host-gilan-folk-musicFiled under: Islam
  • Iranian city to host Sustainable Peace, Unity Festival
    Managing Director of Iran Child and Sustainable Peace Institute said on Sunday that ‘Sustainable Peace and Unity Festival’ exclusive for children and young adults from divine faiths will be held in the north-western city of Orumiyeh this week. http://english.irib.ir/radioculture/top-stories/item/194164-iranian-city-to-host-sustainable-peace,-unity-festivalFi […]
  • Turkey builds refugee camp for Yazidis in Iraq
    Deputy Prime Minister Beşir Atalay has said there are around 1,700 Yazidis in Turkey and that Ankara has decided to build a tent camp in the Iraqi city of Zakho for Yazidi refugees as there is a possibility that that number may increase. http://english.irib.ir/galleries/item/194119-turkey-builds-refugee-camp-for-yazidis-in-iraqFiled under: Culture, Iran
  • First Iranian microinjection infant born in Tehran
    Iran’s Rouyesh Infertility Treatment Center has announced that the first infant by microinjection method is born in Tehran. Microinjection is used to treat infertile males. The main advantage of ICSI is that low sperm count or abnormal sperms are not a problem in this method. http://english.irib.ir/galleries/item/194144-first-iranian-microinjection-infant-bo […]
  • Sheer diversity of northern Iran fostered by Caspian temperate climate
    The temperate and humid climate of Caspian Sea has fostered a diversity of natural scenes unparalleled by any comparable setting. http://english.irib.ir/galleries/item/194142-sheer-diversity-of-northern-iran-fostered-by-caspian-temperate-climateFiled under: Islam
  • Zahiroddoleh Cemetery to become a tourist site
    Zahiroddoleh Cemetery in the north of Tehran will be restored and turned into a tourist site, said head of newly-established Cultural Heritage Committee affiliated to Tehran City Council. http://english.irib.ir/radioculture/iran/tourism/item/192579-zahiroddoleh-cemetery-to-become-a-tourist-siteFiled under: Islam
  • Mahallat plans flower festival
    A flower and plant festival will be held in Mahallat, Markazi province, in September. http://english.irib.ir/radioculture/iran/tourism/item/193486-mahallat-plans-flower-festivalFiled under: Culture, Iran

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