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Three Decades of the Islamic Revolution (3)

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Fajr11 In the second decade of the Hijra, Islam entered Iran and the Iranians embraced the truth of Islam in multitudes.

Since then, the Iranians have played an important role than in promoting Islamic science and culture, and defending the tenets of the faith. Thus it was natural for them to feel angry when the Pahlavi regime tried to undermine Islamic values. The firm faith of the Iranian people in Islam not only led to the overthrow of the Shah’s regime, but it helped in establishing the dynamic Islamic system of government. Prominent Iranian thinker martyr Morteza Motaharri considers that the main cause of the victory of the Islamic movement was the astute leadership of Imam Khomeini (may his soul rest in peace). In any campaign and revolution, basically the leadership plays an effective role.
There are many uprisings which have failed as a result of the people’s weakness or the treason of its leaders. The presence of wise leader like Imam Khomeini was the key to success.

Imam Khomeini was a unique person. He was a prominent jurisprudent and a great Muslim scholar. He was blessed with wisdom and foresight as well, without fear of any power. Among the other characteristics of Imam Khomeini’s leadership was his sincerity. The late Imam rose only for the sake of God and for the rescue of the Iranian nation and he frequently proved his well intention during his campaign and showed that he was not seeking wealth and status. Actually one of the factors behind Imam Khomeini’s popularity in Iran and all over the world was his sincerity and purity. He was also a wise and intelligent person and he was never shaky in his campaign. In addition, Imam Khomeini’s awareness of the local and international events was a key factor in decision-making. Although he lived for about 15 years in exile in Turkey and Iraq, he had precise and clear information of the situation of the government, the people and the combatant groups inside Iran. Imam Khomeini pursued the international events specially the Middle East crisis, the issue of Palestine and the Zionist regime’s aggressions and he warned the Islamic world regarding the domineering consequences of the Americans and the Zionists in the region.
Unlike the other politicians of the contemporary world, Imam Khomeini lived a very simple life, something which amazed many foreign politicians and visitors. They could not believe that such a great and popular figure lived in such a simple and tiny house. At the same time, Imam Khomeini was very kind to the people and he was humble to them. He used to say: “I would like you to call me a servant rather than a leader.”

Imam Khomeini was a great Gnosis. His Gnostic poems which were released after his passing away showed that the Imam not only was a person of politics but he also enjoyed a Gnostic morale. Concerning Imam Khomeini, the present Leader of the Islamic revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, says: A man from the holy Prophet’s household emerged among us like a sign of mercy.
The Muslim people of Iran rallied behind such a pious and efficient person to bring their uprising to victory. The Imam’s speeches exposed the Pahlavi regime and its dependence on the US, and the awareness created among the Iranians led to the victory of the Islamic Revolution.

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