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“Best Iranian Food”

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Nayeb: “Local Food”

Nayeb is one of the famous restaurant in Tehran, the first restaurant open 50 years ago and now it have seven branches.
In Nayeb serve Iranian food and first branch located in Bazaar and one of them is in Vozara St.

Favorite Dish: Barg ( it made with meat ) چلوکباب برگ ممتاز
Jooje ( chicken ) جوجه‌کباب
Fiele ( very delicious meat for cow and sheep ) فیله‌
Shishlik ( made with meat ) شیشلیک‌
Zeresh polo زرشک‌پلو
Mahi ( fish ) ماهی

Food is important for you or no ? Make good and delicious food is a art, Iran’s women are very good cookery.
Some foods are popular and some of them are special and made in a part of my country. for example every cities you can find Cholo kabab, Jooje kabab, Ghorme Sabzi and …. .but for example only in Azarbayejan you can find Ashe doogh, or in east of Iran people like Shirin Polo from another place.

In Tehran you can find restaurants in every place. if you go for shopping in Bazaar don’t worry you can eat very delicious food and it is cheaper than another place.
In north of Tehran food’s price more expensive than another place. fast food don’t serve in restaurant.



  1. Beate says:

    That reminds me……….mmmmh. I have not had Iranian food for so long. I am not a good cook, but my Iranian friend is. Time to go to Baltimore.
    You are right, I have never met an Iranian, who was not a good cook, male OR female.
    Much love!

    • That’s very kind of you. Thank you so much for commenting.I’m honored-hope you look back at some of my older stuff and get to know me a bit…best wishes

      • Beate says:

        I would just LOVE to do that. However time is so short for me right now. I am trying hard to make an online business. I will read as much as I can. Be blessed!

  2. I have had Shishlik in London and I really enjoyed. I hope to have it in Iran one day too.

  3. waclements says:

    I have not had any Iranian food, I think. Is there vegetarian food too? It sounds good, and I’m always curious to try new things, but being vegetarian makes it hard sometimes. I do eat some fish. I love potatoes and tomatoes (I noticed those right away in the picture!) 🙂


    • There is some Vegetarian restaurants. for example, Gilac:
      The ambience, décor, music and food presentation at Gilac are more reminiscent of Europe than Iran. But the delicious food is wonderfully Caspian. It’s a favourite of vegetarians, with the mirza ghasemi, borani bademjan and dokhtar-e luce (‘spoilt girl’, starters all delicious; in combination, they’d happily make a meal on their own. The fish and veal dishes are also excellent.

  4. Love Iranian food. Went to Reza in Chicago all the time when I was growing up. Thanks for the reminder and thanks for following me on Cold.

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