Home » Culture » Exhibit of illuminations by Iranian, Russian artists opens in Moscow

Exhibit of illuminations by Iranian, Russian artists opens in Moscow

An exhibition featuring miniatures, illuminations and calligraphies by Iranian and Russian…Read more:(http://english.irib.ir/radioculture/art/item/169987-exhibit-of-illuminations-by-iranian,-russian-artists-opens-in-moscow)

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  • Diabetics with ankle fractures have longer lengths of stay, more health care costs
    New research from orthopedic surgeons finds patients with diabetes who fracture their ankle incur significantly more inpatient health care costs compared to patients who do not have diabetes…See more: http://english.irib.ir/radioculture/sci-tech/item/206812-diabetics-with-ankle-fractures-have-longer-lengths-of-stay,-more-health-care-costs Filed under: Islam […]
  • Application of graphene oxide in body implants in Iran
    Iranian researchers from Kashan University synthesized a nanocomposite which can be used in tissue engineering…See more: http://english.irib.ir/radioculture/sci-tech/item/206885-application-of-graphene-oxide-in-body-implants-in-iran Filed under: Islam
  • Iran Your Attractive Destination (156)
    As a reminder, in previous weeks we paid a visit to Khorasan Razavi Province and became familiar with the cities of Mashhad and Nayshapour. Today, we visit one of the other provincial cities, Sabzevar…See more: http://english.irib.ir/programs/iran/item/205473-iran-your-attractive-destination-156Filed under: Islam
  • Iran’s Hormozgan Province fascinates tourists in every part
    Each year thousands of tourists arrive in Iran’s Hormozgan Province on the rims of the Persian Gulf to enjoy its natural beauties and see parts of ancient Persia…See more: http://english.irib.ir/programs/iran/item/206954-iran-s-hormozgan-province-fascinates-tourists-in-every-part Filed under: Islam
  • Iranian metropolis unique in world
    The Iranian metropolitan capital, Tehran, is more known to tourists as the political, economic and social heart of Iran, while the megacity has picturesque sceneries, museums and hundreds more of tourist charms for Iranians and foreigners…See more: http://english.irib.ir/radioculture/iran/tourism/item/206880-iranian-metropolis-unique-in-world Filed under: Is […]
  • US orders 7,700 children deported without court hearings
    According to statistics released by the federal government recently and reported by the Los Angeles Times, more than 7,700 immigrant children have been ordered deported over the past 18 months without ever appearing in court…See more: http://english.irib.ir/voj/human-rights/item/205920-us-orders-7,700-children-deported-without-court-hearings Filed under: Isl […]
  • GOP hawk denounces Iran’s talks, calls for military action
    US Republican hawk John Bolton has denounced the nuclear talks underway between Iran and the 5+1 group, calling on the United States to immediately launch a military offensive against the Islamic Republic to damage its nuclear infrastructure…See more: http://english.irib.ir/voj/top-stories/item/206923-gop-hawk-denounces-iran%E2%80%99s-talks,-calls-for-milita […]
  • AFC Beach Soccer Championship: Iran too powerful for Thailand
    Iran defeated Thailand 8-1 in Group D of the 2015 AFC Beach Soccer Championship on Wednesday…See more: http://english.irib.ir/radioculture/sport/item/206879-afc-beach-soccer-championship-iran-too-powerful-for-thailand Filed under: Islam
  • Galaxy cluster collisions offer clues about dark matter
    Dark matter may be even more mysterious and difficult to detect than astrophysicists believed, according to a new study…See more:http://english.irib.ir/radioculture/sci-tech/item/206938-galaxy-cluster-collisions-offer-clues-about-dark-matter Filed under: Islam
  • Iran Fajr Festival of Visual Arts
    Don’t miss this video: http://english.irib.ir/radioculture/galleries/videos/item/204190-iran-fajr-festival-of-visual-artsFiled under: Islam

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