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Iranian ‘Hajji Firuz’, ‘Amou Nowrouz’ celebrate New Year: Gallery

Nowrooz Festival is an annual celebration of the Persian way of life with the arrival of spring. As the flowers blossom & the trees come to life again this festival takes over the city bringing joy and celebration of a new year to all…See more:
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Tehran Conservatory to open office in Canada

Tehran Conservatory managers have met in a press conference, provide details of the agenda…Read more:

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Happy Norooz (Iranian New Year): Video
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Nowruz in Tehran: Video
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Iran Norooz

No-Rooz, in word, means “New Day”. It is the new day that starts the year, traditionally the exact astronomical beginning of the Spring. Iranians take that as the beginning of the year. This exact second is called “Saal Tahvil”. No-Rooz with its’ uniquely Iranian characteristics has been celebrated for at least 3,000 years and is deeply rooted in the rituals and traditions of the Zoroastrian (This was the religion of ancient Persia before the advent of Islam in 7th century A.D.)
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Happy Norooz
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Sydney zoo catches a glimpse of baby tree kangaroo:Video

Taronga Zoo’s baby star has finally made a public appearance from her mother’s pouch on Thursday in Sydney, Australia…Read more:
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