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Eyeglasses that turn into sunglasses, on command

Researchers made major steps toward making eyeglasses that can change between clear and shaded on the wearer’s command….See more:,-on-command


Chicago film fest to screen ‘Today’

Iranian movie ‘Today’, directed by Reza Mirkarimi, will compete in the 25th Chicago Iranian Films Festival…See more:

Bologna Children’s Book Fair to feature Iranian illustration

An Iranian book titled ‘Contemporary Illustration’ will be presented at the 2015 Bologna Children’s Book Fair…See more:

Mothers don’t speak so clearly to their babies

Findings of a new research suggest that, surprisingly, mothers may actually speak less clearly to their infants than they do to adults…See more:

Iran to sue Iraq’s Alaa Abdul-Zahra over doping allegations

The Iranian Football Federation (IFF) will lodge an official complaint with Asian Football Confederation against Alaa Abdul-Zahra for what it said the Iraqi player has failed drug test…See more:

Iran’s campaign for animal-free circuses gains momentum

Iran’s campaign for animal-free circuses gains momentum

A national campaign for removing animals from circuses has gained fresh momentum after more provincial departments of environment endorsed the plea…See more:’s-campaign-for-animal-free-circuses-gains-momentum

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