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The English section of the voice of the Islamic Republic of Iran started work in 1956 with the aim of familiarizing different world nations with Iran’s history and culture as well as its different regions and historical sites. Following the 1979 Islamic Revolution, elaborating on the revolution’s stances and the ideals of the Islamic Republic system were put high on the English radio’s agenda. English speaking countries such as the US, Canada, Britain, Australia, New Zealand and those countries with English as their second language, including such European countries as Germany, France, Sweden, Asian countries such as Pakistan, as well as Indian subcontinent and Latin and Central American countries, comprise the addressees of the English radio. Around 180 minutes of programs in the form of recorded programs, live news, commentaries and news reports are produced in the English section each day. The radio’s schedule includes the recitation of Quranic verses, news, political commentaries, different series and features on special occasions. Around 170 letters from different countries are received each month by the English radio.

The English radio’s Internet site was launched in July 2003. The Internet and E-mail address of the radio are as follows:

Web site: E-mail:

The postal address and telephone number of the English radio are as follows:

211, English Radio,
Second Floor, The World Service Building,
Jam-e-Jam, Valie-asr Street,
Tehran, Iran
Mail add: P.O Box. No. 19395-6767, English Service, Tehran, Iran

The English section of the voice of the Islamic Republic of Iran is supervised by the General Department of the US and Europe of the IRIB’s World Service. The department includes the Albanian, German, Spanish, English, Italian, Bosnian, Russian and French radios, the programs of which address the European, American, Latin American, Canadian, North African, Central African, Southern African, Indian Subcontinent and Central Asian regions.



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