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Wonders of Iranian architecture

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Iranians have blended art and creativity with architecture and built monuments centuries ago, which are the world’s architectural wonders….See more:

Chinese officials visit Shiraz, Iran

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Chinese officials paid a visit to cultural sites in the southern city of Shiraz, Iran.

Iranian Pottery and Ceramics

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“Imaginative Hands” to display Iranian handicrafts

A large collection of Iranian handicrafts will be put on display in an exhibition entitled “Imaginative Hands” in…Read more:(

Miniaturist masterpiece

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In Praise of the Lord, the latest tableau created by eminent Iranian Mahmoud Farshchian, has been donated to ..Read more:(

Artist’s work on display at Marseille exhibition

“Mother Land”, a work by Iranian artist Rokhshad Nurdeh has been put on display at the exhibition of 50 Years of Video Arts in Marseille, France.

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