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Messengers of Peace, Prophet Mohammad (SAWA) and Jesus (AS)

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In the Name of God, the All-Merciful, the All-Compassionate.

Salaam, and salutations to Mercy unto the entire creation, Prophet Mohammad (SAWA), his Infallible Ahl al-Bayt, and upon all other divine messengers, including the Virgin-born Messiah, Welcome to a special feature on the occasion of the start of the New Year of the Gregorian Calendar which Christians associate with the Prophet Jesus (PBUH), whose teachings they claim to follow.

It is God Almighty the Creator of the Universe Who has sent an unbroken chain of Prophets for the guidance of human societies ever since the creation of the first pair of mankind, Adam and Eve. Through them, God revealed heavenly scriptures that preach virtue and belief in the fundamental principles of monotheism and justice.

Over a millennium ago, prior to its launching of the Crusade Wars on the Muslim World, Christian Europe attempted to attribute certain undesirable characteristics to the Prophets, in pursuit of its vicious objectives. This stemmed from the ancient Roman and European worship of a pantheon of idols where the various gods have sons, daughters and children. This absurdity found its way into Christianity with the coning of the weird concept of trinity by Paul, a Hellenized Jew, who is considered the real founder of Christianity, when the fact of the matter is that Prophet Jesus (PBUH) never claimed he was a godson.

If we closely scrutinize the teachings of Jesus, despite the fact that the various versions of the Christian gospels have been distorted beyond recognition over the centuries, we discover the reality of the message of the Messiah, who preached peace, brotherhood, social justice and gave tidings of the Last and Greatest Messenger to come after him. Researchers in the West are beginning to admit this fact. Recently, German psychologist Karl Jaspers in his book titled “The Messiah” has said: The gist of the message of Jesus is that he has foretold of the coming of the last and greatest Prophet after him, which could still be found in the sacred books of Judaism and Christianity.

In the version of the Gospel according to St. John, Prophet Jesus (PBUH) explicitly speaks of the coming of the “Paraclete” after him. This is mentioned in chapter 14, verse 16 of John’s Gospel, as well as in other chapters and verses. The present English language version has translated the word “Paraclete” as “Comforter”.

David Benjamin Keldani, has pointed out that original Greek word used in the early translations of the Gospel of John was “Periklytos”, which means “Illustrious”, or “Praiseworthy”, and which rendered into Arabic means “Ahmad”. This is the exact equivalent of the Aramaic and Hebrew word “Hmda” used by Jesus for the Prophet to come after him, and which the holy Qur’an has mentioned in ayah 6 of Surah Saff. This is indeed a clear reference to Prophet Mohammad (SAWA).

In view of these facts, later Christian writers replaced the word “Periklytos” with “Paraclete”, in order to mislead people and prevent them from finding the truth. It is also worth noting that when Prophet Mohammad (SAWA) sent the letter to Negus the Christian king of Abyssinia (present day Ethiopia), inviting him to accept the truth of Islam, he exclaimed: By God, He is the same Prophet whom the People of the Book are waiting for.

Prophet Jesus (PBUH) severely reprimanded the Israelites for their distortion of the laws of Prophet Moses, and their turning of the synagogues into dens of corruption where usury and all other prohibited acts used to take place. He invited people to the worship of the One and Only God and never claimed that he was godson. He censured the Israelites for drifting away from the message of the Torah and misinterpreting its verses, Ayah 63 of Surah Zukhruf of the holy Qur’an, which has preserved the original words of Jesus, quotes him as saying:

“I have certainly brought you wisdom, and [I have come] to make clear to you some of the things that you differ about. So be wary of Allah and obey me.”

Thus, as is evident, like Prophet Mohammad (SAWA), the Messiah campaigned against oppression and injustice. He forbade fornication, adultery, cheating, telling lies, coveting the properties of others, usury, trespassing, violence, murder, unveiling of women, hypocrisy, associating partners with the One and Only God, and all evil acts, which are unfortunately widely prevalent in the western societies, despite their claim to be Christians. This means, the West is totally alienated from the true message of Jesus (PBUH), which is found only among Muslims, and has been preserved by Islam.

Prophet Jesus (PBUH), like all other messengers of God was honest, sincere, truthful, pious, righteous, just, spotlessly pure, courageous, and deeply engrossed in the worship of God. It means God protected him from all blemishes and ensured his infallibility. We find these same characteristics in the Last and Greatest of Messengers, Prophet Mohammad (SAWA), regarding whom ayahs 2 to 4 of Surah Najm say:

“Your companion has neither gone astray, nor gone amiss”

”Nor does he speak out of desire:”

“It is just a revelation that is revealed [to him]”

To be brief, the goal of the message of the Prophets is to ensure peace, prosperity and justice in the transient life of this world, and guarantee salvation in afterlife. That is the reason, through them God gave laws to the human societies, so that they will not follow the whims and deception of Satan to coin absurd laws of their own, as is the case with the secular societies and the weird system of liberal democracy, which is actually rebellion against God and violation of the teachings of Jesus (PBUH).

In the version of the Gospel according to St Matthew, verse 7 of Chapter 5, quotes Jesus as saying: “Do not think that I have come to destroy the law, or the Prophets: I have not come to destroy, but to fulfill.”

This is corroborated by the holy Qur’an, in which God says in ayah 48 of Surah Ma’edah, while addressing Prophet Mohammad (SAWA):

“We have sent down to you the Book with the truth, confirming what was before it of the Book”

Hopefully, on the start of the New Gregorian Calendar Year 2013 – which definitely has no connection with the Messiah but was adopted by the Catholic Church in 1582 – the Christian World would wake up from its deep slumber to contemplate on these facts for the sake of peace and justice on our Planet, where life has become intolerable because of unchristian policies of the US and certain West European regimes. It is the path of the Prophets that leads to universal brotherhood and not the devilish designs of the Zionists, those avowed enemies of Jesus (PBUH) and the Virgin Mary (PBUH).


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